Which is right for you? Embodying Antiracism 1 or 2?

Embodying Antiracism 1 or 2?

We can help you decide which is most appropriate for you.


A side by side comparison:

Embodying Antiracism Level 1

For people who:

  • find themselves stuck in perfectionism or are fearful of saying/doing the wrong thing
  • struggle to figure out how to step in to antiracism
  • want to understand more tangibly what “doing the work” means for them
  • may be knowledgeable about racism but haven’t yet approached antiracism as deeply internal work
  • want to learn how to engage in conversations about race more skillfully
  • want to build resilience and stamina in their antiracism
  • want to build a more stable antiracism foundation
Start Date: May 10

Dates of sessions: Mondays May 10, May 17, May 24, June 7, June 14, June 21

Time: 4-5:30 pm PT / 7-8:30 pm ET

Embodying Antiracism Level 2

For people who:

  • are ready to address the ways in which racism is perpetuated in their own beliefs, words, actions, and in their own relationships
  • are getting braver about showing up for vulnerable conversations about race
  • understanding that antiracism is lifetime work, not a one and done class.
  • want to approach antiracism with more nuance and analysis
  • are ready to do the work of disrupting whiteness more skillfully in their spheres of influence


Start Date: May 5

Dates of sessions: Alternate Wednesdays May 5, May 19, June 2, June 16, July 7, July 21

Time: 4-5:30 pm PT / 7-8:30 pm ET

ATTENDANCE: Even though all sessions will be recorded, please prioritize attending live as much as possible.
Questions? Please reach out to Laura Halpin at laura@leebayard.com.