A Crash Course on Critical Race Theory with Inclusive Life: Until All of Us Are Free

until all of us are free:
a crash course on Critical Race Theory

Equip yourself with the truth.


What is Critical Race Theory?

Critical Race Theory is a way of analyzing & understanding the enduring patterns of racism in institutions in order to more effectively intervene.


Yet, CRT is being framed by the right wing and conservative media as racist, situating BIPOC  people as perpetual victims and white people as perpetual oppressors, claiming that it’s already in curriculum that’s infiltrating K-12 schools. Because of the fear mongering, CRT is now a “wedge issue” designed to whip up fear and voter turnout in 2022.


Until All of Us Are Free: A Crash Course on Critical Race Theory is created to deepen participants’ understanding of CRT, its history, intent, and relevance.


It is also created to help us combat the efforts of the right wing as it attempts to stop any level of racial reckoning in the United States.


Until All of Us Are Free:

A crash course of Critical Race Theory

Yes, we’re calling it a “crash course” because it’s quick, yet it’s deliberately designed to give you a foundational understanding of Critical Race Theory and practical approaches to discussing CRT in your own communities. We have to get clearer on what it is, and what it isn’t.

This 3 module course includes three webinars led by Nicole Lee, and additional essential materials: curated essential reading, recorded conversations with experts, and some questions to help you processs, integrate and get you into aligned action in your spheres of influence.


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Your Instructor & Course Facilitator:

Nicole Lee, Civil Rights Attorney & Founder of Inclusive Life

Nicole Lee, Civil Rights Attorney

In addition to being the founder of Inclusive Life™Nicole Lee is a civil rights attorney and intuitive coach. During her training, she was mentored by many critical race theorists and has utilized the frameworks essential to CRT for over twenty years. Through this lens, she has contributed to equity movements in the U.S. and abroad through human rights documentation, coaching, and holding space in difficult situations.  She is a trusted expert who has given testimony before the U.S. Congress, the United Nations and provided commentary on various media outlets. 

A Crash Course on Critical Race Theory Modules:


Foundations of Critical Race Theory: A Legal Framework

What You’ll Learn:

You’ll understand how CRT shaped a new way of using law and policy for the benefit of social change.



Expanding CRT: from a Legal to a Social Framework

What You’ll Learn:

You’ll learn how social scientists and activists have harnessed its power to demand more in their local communities and across the globe. How can CRT’s lessons strengthen our demands for reform and abolition?



Making Room for the Truth: Advocating for the CRT Framework

What You’ll Learn:

You’ll learn how to equip yourself to advocate for your progressive values (living room to school board meetings to Congress).

Each Module Includes*:

  • Recorded webinar lead by Nicole Lee
  • Related readings
  • Pre-recorded conversations with Critical Race Theory experts
  • Questions for journaling and integration

* All course materials will be housed in Teachable, an online learning platform.

Conversations with Critical Race Theory Experts, including:

Ericka Hines, JD


Dr. Clarence Lusane


Desiree Adaway