Statement on the Massacre in Buffalo

A group in deep thought during the Accelerator in 2019.

The heinous calculated massacre of precious lives in my hometown of Buffalo is unspeakable, shocking and, in a deep and disturbing way, not surprising. These attacks on Black bodies always hit home. This time, hitting home is literal, as my extended family has been impacted. 

There is only so much that a statement like this one can convey. And there is so much and simultaneously so little that might be new, helpful, supportive, or informative. There are already so many different messages of grief, strength, and support that are being shared, from folks within and outside of Buffalo.  

For the Black Inclusive Life community members, I see you. I feel your grief and pain. I encourage you to do whatever you need to serve you in processing what happened. Get into community. Hold space privately for one another. Rest. Breathe. Take care of yourself and one another.

For the white folks in this community, please understand:  If you are not having constant and impactful conversations about the evil and dangers of white supremacy with other white people, particularly children, you are complicit. 

It is also important to acknowledge that all of us hold onto the truth that, for the Black community, the trauma created by this massacre is compounded by the historical and intergenerational trauma we are already holding in our bodies. It is compounded by the pervasive and persistent traumas of living in the United States in a Black body. These are both personal and communal traumas. 

The truth is that none of us are without trauma.  There is no respite. We are a traumatized country in desperate need of healing. 

Inclusive Life exists to create a place and provide resources to learn how to have uncomfortable conversations and work through this trauma toward healing.

The work is in front of you: in your families, communities and workplaces. 

There are resources readily available– please scroll down and click through the links below. This community is here to support you. 

In the coming days, the Inclusive Life team will be gathering additional information and resources to share with you. Until then, please prioritize gathering accurate information and developing your analysis. Refrain from reactivity and focus on the very challenging long haul solutions that will make a difference for this generation and generations to come. 

Resources and Donations for the Buffalo Community:

Resource for Talking About Buffalo Shooting with Your Children 

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