Samaria Williams on Grief

A group in deep thought during the Accelerator in 2019.

Samaria Williams is a psychotherapist, transformational coach and creator of Sacred Soul Practice. With permission, we are sharing her thoughts on grief in their entirety. 

We can’t ignore the pain…

Another loss has happened…
On top of another

…and another

…and another…

Grief is complex…
It’s multi- layered
It’s deep
It can be triggered by almost anything…
There is no rhyme or reason…

3 tips to be with it / move through it
1- call a thing a thing — name it. “I feel deep grief about xyz….”

2- bring in soul nourishment — what makes your soul feel nourished? Think in practical / simple terms (favorite blanket, walk outside, light a candle, one yoga pose, 2 min meditation, take a breath)

3- allow the pain to have a voice. Journal, call a friend, if you need tears to come, watch something to make you cry to support the release, dance, scribble on paper, punch pillows, scream into pillows, rip paper (in my mind, I allow my inner child to break dishes all the time).

Create movement where you can.

Ancient practice
Keep a vase or coffee cup full of water (with crystals in you have time) in a corner of your kitchen) empty it as frequently as you need (daily – multiple times of day). It’s all good. Pour the water outside into the earth if you can and the sink works too…imagine the energy of grief being transmuted as you release the water.

Your own body is a vessel
Salts baths are helpful. Salt water moves the energetic charge of grief / stuck emotion. In a bath tub or foot bath / basin / bucket / large bowl (if using a large bowl it’s ok to place one foot in at a time- just do equal time per foot)

1/2 or 1 cup  sea salt  or Epsom salt
1/2 or 1 cup apple cider vinegar
1/2 or 1 cup baking soda

(*Always consult your medical professional when starting new regimens depending on your specific health needs /history / assessment)

Some days we are on the shore,
Some days we are in the rip tide…
Other days we float…
Other days we sit on the shore and allow the water to cleanse the blood from our bleeding hearts

The pain is not meant to be held / trapped in our bodies…

Find your way to allow the pain / grief / sadness to come up and out.


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