Raising Antiracist Kids: The Power of Intentional Conversations

Raising AntiRacist Kids:
The Power of Intentional Conversations

A self-paced course for parents and caregivers.


How do we raise antiracist kids?

How do we empower them to be compassionate and brave changemakers?


 Our new course is designed to support and guide parents and caregivers in this work.

Raising Antiracist Kids: The Power of Intentional Conversations

This self-paced, 9-part course will provide you with a space where you can grapple, reflect and analyze how to integrate antiracism into your family, classrooms and spaces. It’s an opportunity to build an antiracism foundation. In this course, you will


  • develop your discernment about how to engage your child in age-appropriate ways
  • identify and transcend the ways in which you resist engaging thoughtfully with your child about racism
  • learn to see your child as capable of navigating the complexities of a racist world
  • get grounded in the research about what children need from parents and caregivers to become antiracists

There’s no time to waste. The times are urgent, and yet we cannot do this work in a hurry. We must take the time to build our antiracism parenting skills.

Your Instructor :

Nicole Lee is a nationally-recognized diversity, equity, and inclusion strategist and leadership coach. She is also a mom who knows that conversations about racism and other hard topics don’t go according to any play book. Her experience helping schools build inclusive culture gives her a unique perspective on the ways children and their caregivers engage in conversations about anti-racism.