Inclusive Life Coaching

Nothing’s going to change unless we do.

Inclusive Life Coaching certification

Building a Liberatory Foundation for your

Coaching Practice Brick by Brick

A six month learning/unlearning, deep practice & community building.

April 2022 

The old tools aren’t working. 

The world keeps changing.  You are finding that your coaching training programs didn’t equip you with the tools you need to navigate these changes, nor to support your clients’ success in 2022 and beyond.

Why? The coaching industry is rooted in a paradigm of individualism, focusing on individual transformation. Yet every individual, including you, is living, working, striving, and surviving within institutions, systems, and structures that discriminate and oppress.

Without a well-developed analysis and a deep personal practice of inquiry around these systems and their impact, a coach becomes not only ineffective, but actually can do harm.

It’s time to disassemble and rebuild your foundation so that your work cultivates and supports equity and belonging.

Brick by brick.

We will help.

An intimate, authentic community.
Real conversation.
The most appropriate, effective tools.

Are you a





If yes, there is no better moment than now to assess and strengthen the foundation of your practice.

At the heart of this work is deepening your skills around differences. Dominant culture (western/white) teaches us to connect to others and the world around us through our commonalities. This has taught us to prize agreement and sameness, and avoid and erase difference. 

Audre Lorde writes, “But it is not those differences between us that are separating us. It is rather our refusal to recognize those differences, and to examine the distortions which result from our misnaming them and their effects upon human behavior and expectations.”

We have not been trained as helping professionals to acknowledge, respect, and value the social identities and unique lived experiences of our clients. We have not been trained to see our clients operating within systems. And without developing competence in these areas, our work with clients moves from collaboration and support to the same marginalization and erasure they are experiencing in their work and communities.

As coaches, healers, and leaders, we are uniquely poised to support and usher in culture change, and support our clients in stepping into their own unique expression of leadership.  

The Inclusive Life Coaching Certifcation will support you in stepping confidently into the current of change.  Your full presence and leadership is needed now more than ever.

It’s time.

Inclusive Life Attendee

Learn more about the program.

If you missed our live  information session about the Inclusive Life Coaching Certification program, no worries. Here is the recording so you can learn about the benefits, components and the details of the certification.

Why is this certification so important for coaches to earn?

the new industry expectation

ICF Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

As members of the ICF community, we ascribe to the core values of integrity, excellence, collaboration and respect. The foundation of these values is a shared commitment to diversity, inclusion, belonging and justice.

the reality

2022 HUE

“State of Inequity”


BIPOC workers experienced an increase in discrimination related to race and ethnicity throughout the year and suffered job loss and financial hardship three times the rate of their white counterparts.

your role

“Inclusion is a

Leadership Trait”

– Ruchika Tulshyan

Change will be lead by coaches, therapists, healers and helping professionals who prioritize and deliberately cultivate inclusion and equity in their fields and client relationships.

Monthly Program Components


Monthly interactive instruction, enhanced with engaging supplementary materials and resources, will explore topics based on key justice, liberation, and inclusion frameworks in connection with core coaching competencies.

Integration Sessions

Monthly integration sessions provide time and space for authentic conversations, grappling and messiness, working together in the liminal space of change and the practical application of concepts into participants practices. These sessions create community and protect participants from getting isolated in this work.

Somatic Support & Practice

Our socialization shapes our beliefs and biases, which live beneath our cognitive awareness in our nervous systems. In order to unravel our socialization and lead from a deliberate, responsive place, we must work with our bodies where our fears and beliefs reside. Somatic practices are a key part of individual and collective healing and self-leadership.

One-on-One Coaching

Each participant will receive monthly one-on-one coaching. These sessions are opportunities to receive support in a trusting and brave environment, recognize and understand both helpful and outdated patterns of behavior and thought, transform learning and insight into aligned action, and step into greater self- and professional leadership.

Why Inclusive Life Coaching Certification?

Learn & grow in community.


The coaching cohort is limited to 12 people. You will be seen, heard, supported, and challenged.

Deepen your analysis & stamina.


Most current research, best practices, and space and time for integration and application. 

More of you, not less.


 Learn to show up fully in the face of difference, conflict, and change.

Our Approach

The ILCC curriculum centers around key justice, liberatory, and inclusion frameworks alongside core coaching competencies. It makes a connection between the frameworks and competencies to deepen our participants’ understanding of their own identities and inclinations in the context of dominant (white/western) culture; assess the impact of how they show up and what they bring into a space as a helping professional; and integrate newly acquired knowledge and perspective into their practice and work.

Coaching Competencies are rooted in Liberatory Frameworks

The outcome

A new class of coach and helping professional who utilizes liberatory frameworks and keen self-awareness to better serve the array of clients in their sphere of influence with less harm and more intention, accountability, true partnership, and perspective. 

Let’s Do This

Begins mid-April

We will meet and work over 7 months (no formal meeetings in August).


Payment plans & scholarships available.

Register before April 1 for early bird pricing:

Access to Curriculum & Cohort

Interactive curriculum and private platform for online communication and collaboration.

Flexible Calendar

Instruction, Integration, and One-on-One Coaching scheduled intentionally to accommodate your life, and time zone.

Your Instructors

Nicole Lee

Nicole Lee

Nicole Lee

Molly Gordon

Christina Hernandez

Laura Halpin

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this certification for?

This program is not a foundational coaching certifcation process for new coaches. It’s an add-on certification for existing coaches who want to be certified as an equity-based provider. It is particularly powerful and useful for coaches and helping professionals who want to make an impact with their clients around equity issues.

What makes this DEI certfication program unique?

The Inclusive Life Coaching Certification program goes beyond the basics of exploring and understanding diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion. The program not only delves deeper into key words, definitions, and frameworks, but also works toward holistic integration through practice and behavior change supported by one-on-one coaching sessions, a small cohort size, and a somatic practice throughout the program.

What if I'm new to equity and inclusion work?

Again, there are no prerequisites other than are open to learning. We are honored to work with you wherever you are at in your understanding of equity and inclusion work.

That said, this certification is not for those who feel threatened or slighted when a cherished point of view is met by a new perspective. It’s for those who can enter this space as learners and teachers, welcoming both rigor and room for growth.

Are there prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites.

This program is created for experienced coaches and helping professionals. We also realize that many of you are doing excellent work as coaches without ever having been formally certified. This is a place for you too.

What are the requirements for certification?

For certification, participants must attend 80% of in-person instructional (live learning) sessions and complete any asychronous learning. Beyond instructions, participants must exhibit a grasp of the learning through intergration within their practice and work.

How will the components of the class be delivered?

Live sessions will happen over Zoom at a time that works best for all or most of the cohort and the instructors. Asynchronous learning materials will be shared on Teachable, our online learning platform. We may also share materials, information, and evalutions through email and Google Suite products (forms, docs, etc.).

Will all meetings be recorded?

Yes! Because of the relational nature of this work, we ask that you prioritize live attendance. At the same time, we respect your parameters and life demands. Recordings, along with the rest of the curriculum, will be available on our online learning platform.

What accommodations will be made to make the program accessible?

To the best of our ability, we will accommodate the needs of participants. When you register, you will have an opportunity to request accommodations that make your experience supportive.

How much access to the faculty will I have?

You’ll work directly with the faculty leading the live learning sessions, where they may answer questions about the topics being discussed. You’ll also have time with faculty during your collaboratively scheduled one-on-one coaching sessions.  If you’re looking to speak to a specifc faculty member, you’ll have the opporutnity to be coached by each faculty member at least once throughout the program. With guest instructors or speakers, you’ll have access to them during their live sessions only. If you need adminstrative help at any time or have specifc questions or requests for meeting with facutly or guest instrcutors, Laura and Christina will be the best people to reach out to and will get back to you in 1-3 business days.

Is this an accredited certification program?

The short answer is not yet.  However, plans and steps are in process to obtain accreditation in the future.

Payment Options and Scholarship

We offer a sliding scale financial commitment between $6,000 and $8,000 for the program. Once you choose your financial commitment amount, we’ll bill you for that ammount based on your preferred payment option. We have three payments options: full payment, 2 monthly payments, and 4 montly payments. If you choose the 2 or 4 monthly payment options, you will be billed for the amount you committed in equal parts. For example, if you choose to make a $7,250 commitment over 4 months, you would pay $1,812.50 each month for the first four months of the program.

We do offer an early bird pricing option of $5,000 through March 31, which is eligible for all payment options.

We also offer scholarships. If you would like to learn more about our scholarships for this program, please contact Laura.

Refund and Canellation Policy

Refunds are available for 48 hours after initial purchase (applicable to full payment and partial payment/payment plan options). This program is limited in the number of participants so each slot is precious.  Once the program has begun, cancelleations will not be accepted, as it is expected that each participant will complete it unless an emergency arises.

I have another question that isn't answered here.

We welcome any additional questions you may have! Please reach out to Laura with your question(s) and she or another faculty member will get back to you in 1-3 business days.

Unsure the Inclusive Life Coaching Certification is for you?