Inclusive Life Accelerator

These are transformative times. It cannot be denied. We can’t be paralyzed. We must be prepared to meet this moment with all that we have. We are born for this moment and this work.

While many of us feel immobilized, confused, or numb, this is time for aligned action—a combination of deep spiritual connection and political acumen.

Inclusive Life Attendee

This retreat is for:


Inclusive Life Speaker

Activists working for political change on the electoral and local levels.

Organizing grassroots support for practical social change initiatives and seeking to collaborate in community while grounded in the solutions created by the most marginalized in our society.

Healers who want to know more about social justice or want to integrate your work with your political ideals.

Advocates who want to fuel your fires of conviction and connect with others who care with the same fervor as you have.

Anyone else who feels ready to meet these unprecedented times as an opportunity for growth and societal transformation.

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