Inclusive Life Accelerator 2021

Inclusive Life Accelerator:

Connecting at the roots.

A three day virtual working retreat focused on reflecting on our collective exhaustion and exploring holistic and restorative solutions in order to persevere as leaders in our community.

June 17-19, 2021


The old tools aren’t working.

Join us for the Inclusive Life Accelerator where you’ll walk away equipped with:

An authentic community.
Real conversation.
The most appropriate tools.

In times of radical shift, we can actively engage in and shape transformation, or we can hope for the best. Both are choices.

The way forward isn’t clear, and it’s easy to get impatient, demoralized, and exhausted. We want to believe that “the good guys will win,” but there are no guarantees. Thoughts and prayers without aligned and informed action aren’t enough.

And so we can choose. We can recognize our power to create change. We can dig deep. Forge resilient connections. Access the wisdom of our ancestral roots to understand what we need to move through these times with the most appropriate and effective tools.

The Inclusive Life Accelerator is a gathering of teachers and learners who are bringing their full selves to this moment. Your presence is requested.

The choice is yours.

Inclusive Life Attendee


3 powerful days for transformation & connection.

June 17, 18 and 19th

9-2 pm PT/12-5 pm ET


This retreat is for:


Inclusive Life Speaker


Activists working for political change on the electoral and local levels seeking to collaborate in community while grounded in the solutions created by the most marginalized in our society.

Healers who want to ground your work in political anlaysis and social justice.

Advocates who want to fuel your fires of conviction and connect with others who care with the same fervor as you have.

Anyone else who feels ready to meet these unprecedented times as an opportunity for growth and societal transformation.

Teachers & Guides

Nicole Lee

Nicole Lee

Sarah Love

Lindsay Pera

Desiree Adaway

Desiree Adaway

Barrington Salmon

Molly Gordon

Molly Gordon

Shawn Moreton

Mark Silver

Tiiu Lutter

Tiiu Lutter

Laura Halpin

Jen Lemen

Jen Lemen

Mia Ballard

Mia Ballard

Ericka Hines

Ericka Hines

Kerra Bolton

Kerra Bolton

Nana Cathy

Nana Cathy

Darryl Slim

Darryl Slim

Shannon Waters

Shannon Waters

Unsure the Accelerator is for you?

 is messy. It’s awkward. It’s tricky. It’s showing up. It’s transformative. It’s holding space for grieving. It’s righteous anger. It’s community. It’s calling on our ancestors. It’s speaking up. It’s vulnerability. It’s informed action. It’s carrying tears with tenderness. It’s seeds blown in the wind. It’s roots. It’s joy. Its bearing your bones. It’s freedom. It’s being in right relationship. It’s de-centering. It’s change. It’s unexpected conversations. Its spiritual. It’s constant. It’s nourishment. It’s acceptance. It’s sharing resources. It’s correction. It’s a little bit witchy. It’s listening. It’s gratitude. It’s envisioning that which does not exist. It’s necessary. It’s informed action. It’s discernment. It’s love. It’s home.

Carly Magnus Hurt

For those looking to find their place within the Inclusive Life community, this event is an ideal opportunity.

 Let us know you.

I really enjoyed my experience at the Inclusive Life Accelerator last year. It was my first time attending and I was motivated to join the event because of the call to spiritual activism. I had been identifying as someone who had come from many years of community based organizing then crossed over into more of a spiritual healing path, really wanting to be able to integrate my life in these two ways. I was incredibly blown away by the boldness and the truthfulness, the utter vulnerability and the courageous radical conversations we were having as a mixed race group. I appreciate the experience so much.

Katina Castillo

Are there prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites.


This  gathering is for those who are open to learning . It’s not for those who feel threatened or slighted when a cherished point of view is met by a new perspective. It’s for those who can enter this space as both learners and  teachers, welcoming both rigor and room for growth.

I want to go...but more Zoom?

We get it, really we do.

Throughout our time together, there will be many opportunites for engagement that cultivate intimacy and connection. The purpose of this retreat  is to build authentic and generously accountable relationships and that happened during our 2019 Accelerator retreat. Many who attended the virtual Accelerator in 2019 found the experience to be the way they “found their place” in Inclusive Life.

Ultimately, meeting on Zoom opens up this opportunity for more of us to engage and connect across time and space.

I'd like to go, but I can't afford it.

We will do our best to accomodate those who can’t afford the retreat. The link to apply for scholarships is on this webpage above.

What accommodations will be made to make the event accessible?

To the best of our ability we will accommodate the needs of participants. When you register, you will have an opportunity to request accommodations.

Will the retreat be recorded?

We will not be recording the retreat because of its length. If you cannot make the entire retreat live, please consider what you can experience be “enough.” We know you will find deep value in even partial attendance.