Inclusive Conversations 2022



In a time of radical polarization, it’s not enough to know your facts.

Being right won’t help us bridge the growing divide.


At Inclusive Life, we practice inclusivity.

This means reaching across differences with curiosity and humility — with a desire to truly understand another’s lived experience.


What happens when we apply the same skills to folks across the political divide? Can we practice connection rather than rigidity? Can we learn to listen more deeply when our impulse is to either scream or shut down?


In a time of deep division, it’s time to level up.




Why Inclusive Conversations?

When we are doing work that’s complex and difficult, we need community around us to support the work and each other.

In order to build skills around true conversation (not debate!), we have to be in conversation and practice conversation, ones that are complicated, pressing, and challenging.

The time for this conversation about conversations — and the need for these skills — is NOW.

Recordings of live sessions and related course materials will be available on Teachable for your convenience.

DATES: TUESDAYS October 11, 18, 25, November 1

TIME: 7-8:30 pm ET/4-5:30 PM PT

COST: $350

Scholarships and payment plans available upon request. Please reach out to Laura Halpin at laura@leebayard.com.



  • Challenges, Conversations, and Connection
  • Communication Trigger Points & the Use of Narrative
  • Feedback & Conflict
  • Speaking the Unspokens
  • Practicing Self-Care and Community Care within Conflict 


4 live instruction sessions, each 1.5 hours long, including relevant frameworks, practices, and opportunities for conversation and skill building in break-out rooms

Somatic practices to expand one’s own capacity for discomfort

Weekly prompts for reflection and unlearning

Pre-recorded somatic practices, recorded live sessions, and course materials will be available on Teachable

Some of you will want to DIG DEEPER:

In addition to the course components listed above, participants can opt-in for additional support, conversation, and time with the materials

9 weekly prompts for deeper reflection and unlearning

9 weeks of facilitated community conversation within Circle where we grapple with the content, prompts and our own conversation challenges

(Regular facilitation ends December 15th, but particpant conversations & connection can continue through the end of December)


Some of you will want 1-ON-1 COACHING:

Authentic communication is not easy, and we get that you may have a specific relationship or situation that feels particularly complicated and HARD.

If you’d like to add on a 1-on-1 coaching session with an Inclusive Life Coach, we got you. A limited number of sessions are available between November 2 and December 15th for course participants at a discounted rate.

Participants can opt-in to coaching sessions after the beginning of the course. More information to come.




Nicole Lee is a nationally-recognized diversity, equity, and inclusion strategist and leadership coach. She is also a friend, sister, daughter, organizer, partner and mom who knows that conversations about racism, oppression and politics don’t go according to any play book. Her experience helping organizations, businesses and schools build inclusive cultures gives her a unique perspective on the ways humans can learn to engage authentically and skillfully in conversations about loaded and difficult topics.

Nicole Lee facilitates her course Inclusive Conversations grounded in experience and theory and with a thoughtfulness and integrity that sets her apart. By leading with carefully selected frameworks, nuanced analysis, and personal experiences from her own work and life, she invites brave reflection from all of us. I came away from the experience with more knowledge, more capacity to identify racism and tolerate the discomfort of confronting it in my own life, and with authentic relationships with my classmates. Her work is more than a course. It’s an invitation to build a new way of seeing, of being, and a community that will sustain you as you navigate courageous, confident conversations again and again.

JULIE NEALE, Founder of Mother's Quest