Kids & Families

Do It Together

Identifying and addressing injustice requires
every member of the family. Get your whole
crew involved.

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Kids & Families

Raising Antiracist Kids

Developed as both a book and an on-demand course, Raising Antiracist Kids leads participants to confront misconceptions and discomfort to find ways to engage with the kids they love in ways that build antiracist, inclusive communities.


Nicole has led organizations, campaigns, and projects for over twenty years. She mixes a no-nonsense, no-judgment approach with humor and intuition to tackle areas where clients are stuck or afraid to dive in.

Organizational: Nicole offers coaching for child-centered groups or organizations that want to “do antiracism” better for the kids they serve.

Individual: Want to up your personal game in inclusion? One-on-one conversations with Nicole highlight trouble spots, so you can find better strategies.