Inclusive Life Mastery


Building pathways to your next chapter from a political/spiritual perspective.


Inclusive Life Mastery is a mastermind built for leaders who are ready to do movement work at the intersection of politics and spirituality.


Together, we will merge liberatory frameworks with mystical teachings to explore our knowing and take aligned action toward justice.


Who is Inclusive Life Mastery for?

Mastery is for people who know that justice, inclusion and social change are the products of deliberate commitment and are willing to do the work to become a leader in their community.


What’s the structure?

  • Monthly Zoom conversations as a collective (x6 months)
  • One-on-one intuitive coaching sessions with Nicole (x3 sessions)
  • Ongoing conversation, support and community building via a private Facebook group
  • Culminating retreat (in person, COVID and public health issues permitting)

What is the focus?

Mastery is a combination of holistice strategy, cultivating spiritual discernment, developing an integrated community, and 1:1 coaching with Nicole.



Ability to utilize tools and discernment in our leadership and fulfillment of goals. Receive and provide political and spiritual frameworks to powerfullly meet our individual and collective challenges.



Identifying socialization, blocks, and approaches that keep us fractured

Attaining awareness from a variety of spiritual disciplines in order to inform our right relationships and actions.



Invitation to build relationships with people with aligned goals, purpose, and commitment.

Using the power of the learner-teacher model to experiment with other waymakers and bridge builders.



Harness the power of your individual vision and goals.

Build pathways to your next chapter from a political/spiritual perspective.


Mastery was a process, a container, a catalyst, and a forcing function that worked on each of us individually and all of us together. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Each of us grew immensely in keeping with our group intention and our individual gifts and challenges

Molly Gordon

When is this happening?

This mastermind runs from September 2021 to March 2022 and will meet on a monthly basis.


What is the cost?

Your investment for Inclusive Life™ Mastery ranges between $6000-$8000.

So, how does that work?

Those who have limited professional and spiritual development funds available will choose a different investment from than those who have ample funds available.  You’re asked to name an investment level that stretches you and creates enough tension that you’re fully committed to the work without putting you in financial hardship.

You already know what that number is. Trust that knowing…this is where the work begins!

Who will I meet?

You will meet educators, activists, spiritual leaders, artists, business leaders, and others who play active leadership roles in their communities.

Is Inclusive Life™ Mastery a safe place?

We endeavor to build courageous, safe, accountable space where each of us consents to learn in public. In a courageous space, we reconcile the fear of being wrong or misunderstood with the understanding that we are holding each other up in authentic engagement, learning and transformation. We do this because we know that the possibilities of transformation far exceed what stories fear tells.

We allow people to tell powerful truths that are hard to hear but even harder to live.  When we hold courageous space, we can be creative about the expansive possibilities rather than living the distraction of avoiding what’s uncomfortable.

What will be different about me after this? How will I show up?

How you show up at the end of this experience is entirely up to you. This mastermind is a container designed to hold the learning (and unlearning) you are committed to and the community you are gathering around you as you do this work.

What should I expect of myself?

During Inclusive Life™ Mastery, the focus will be on developing a deeper analysis and taking action. Expect to hold yourself accountable and approach complex truths with compassion. Expect to sit in the tension of difficult conversations and keep your heart and mind open to new truths. 


Yes. If you’ve made it this far and you’re intrigued, feel hopeful, and are ready to roll up your sleeves, chances are good that Mastery is for you. We encourage you to apply below.

Mastery’s facilitator :

Nicole Lee is a diversity, equity and inclusion expert, leadership coach, and nationally recognized speaker. She is the founder of Inclusive Life™, a movement centered on infusing inclusion through all levels of daily life.  She is a trusted spokesperson who has given testimony before the U.S. Congress, the United Nations and other international bodies. Nicole is both an attorney and an intuitive coach. Through this unique blend, she has contributed to equity movements in the U.S. and abroad through human rights documentation, coaching, and holding space in difficult situations.

It was difficult for me after 55 to find transformative experiences…until Mastery. The expansion in my thinking, the deepening of my feelings, and the enrichment of my spiritual connection has been beyond anything else I’ve ever experienced.


The friendships and learning I’ve experienced in Mastery are permanent and expanding. I recommend Mastery for anyone seeking a deeper way to live and do the work.

Tiiu Lutter