Embodying Antiracism

Embodying AntiRacism:
A Conversation & Course for white folks

To develop analysis, stamina and resilience


It is common that when white folks “wake up” to the realities and pervasiveness of racism, they want to move quickly into action.


And yet without understanding that antiracism is an inside job first, they can cause harm without understanding why.

Good intentions aren’t enough.


Even in urgent times when there is so much to do, people who are new to antiracism work need to slow down, develop skills of self-awareness, analysis, and emotional stamina and resilience.



Another common response to waking up to racism is immobilization and overwhelm, where white folks get stuck, not knowing how to take the next step forward into action. Yet shame and fear of making mistakes help no one.

These folks also benefit from the development of compassionate self-awareness, analysis, and emotional stamina and resilience.


 This new course is designed to support white folks who understand that being antiracist goes beyond book clubs, social media posts and voting, but don’t know quite know how to move from awareness into action that is aligned and sustainable.


We are here to help.


Embodying Antiracism:

A Conversation & Course for White Folks

This live 6-session course is for people who want a place where they can develop their analysis, stamina and resilience as antiracists. It’s for people who need help stepping in and stepping up.

It’s for folks who want to build an antiracist foundation to effect change within their spheres of influence and who are coming to understand that the foundation isn’t built by taking action “out there” or from an intellectual understanding that comes from reading, although antiracism does involve those things.

This course is designed to support people in strengthening their influence in their most powerful sphere: within themselves. Self-compassion and community will be two of the most powerful allies on the journey.

Join us for instruction, brave conversations, discomfort and community.


Meeting dates: Mondays May 10, May 17, May 24, June 7, June 14, June 21

Time: 4-5:30 pm PT / 7-8:30 pm ET

Cost: $250 (please reach out if there is financial difficulty)

Embodying Antiracism has provided a space for antiracist conversation and learning that is hands-on, brutally honest, and uniquely powerful. Laura and Nicole don’t shy from asking hard questions, nor do they discourage complicated answers– this course has been an incredibly important starting point for lifelong work without a finish line.


Your Guides :

HOST: Nicole Lee, Founder of Inclusive Life,  is a nationally-recognized diversity, equity, and inclusion strategist, leadership coach and author of Raising Antiracist Kids: The Power of Intentional Conversations about Race and Parenting. She is also the host of the podcast Inclusive Life with Nicole Lee.  

FACILITATOR: Laura Halpin is an engaged member of the Inclusive Life Community. She is a teacher and anti-diet nutritionist. She is also the creator and facilitator of the Cradle Community & Cradle Conversations, devoted to the ongoing practice of collective wellness, and focused on building the emotional, conversational and energetic stamina to make antiracism work integrated, embodied and sustainable.

Session 1: Creating the Container for our Work/Addressing white supremacy culture in white spaces

Session 2: Understanding the Framework for our Work

Session 3: Reaching Across Difference. Privilege, Marginalization and Intersectionality. 

Session 4: Naming Layers of  Identity/Tools for Deepening Analysis

Session 5: Identifying your Spheres of Influence. Where Can You be an Effective Agent of Change?

Session 6: How to Persist: Identifying Your Aligned Role and Next Steps

I signed up for “Embodying Antiracism” because I was especially drawn to the idea of building resilience and stamina.  I try to make fighting for racial justice a regular part of my life and sometimes I get exhausted and lose faith. What I have gained through the course is a whole new way of viewing myself and my role in relation to the fight against racism and the battle for racial justice. I learned and challenged myself, and all in a  supportive environment.


Who is this series for?

Embodying Antiracism is for white folks who:

  • are looking for a community to support their antiracism journeys;
  • want to “get started” but don’t know how/where/what;
  • spend time in fear around doing or saying the right thing;
  • want to do “the work” beyond voting, social media posts and antiracist book clubs

Who isn't this series for?

Embodying Antiracism is not for you if you are:

  • not willing to respect others’ pace of growth (including your own);
  • not willing to reflect on your own beliefs, behaviors and words

NOTE: This course is a white caucus group, designed for white folks to grapple with the socialized patterns of whiteness and racism and to build capacity for solidarity with BIPOC.  Laura will be the main facilitator of the series. Nicole will be present at times to instruct and guide the work.

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