Inclusive Life

A Compass for Transformation

Inclusive Life calls us to authenticity as we engage our own bias and privilege, awareness born of deep self-reflection, and deliberate action in all areas of our lives.

Inclusive Life is messy. It’s awkward. It’s tricky. It’s showing up. It’s transformative. It’s holding space for grieving. It’s righteous anger. It’s community. It’s calling on our ancestors. It’s speaking up. It’s vulnerability. It’s informed action. It’s carrying tears with tenderness. It’s seeds blown in the wind. It’s roots. It’s joy. It’s bearing your bones. It’s freedom. It’s being in right relationship. It’s de-centering. It’s change. It’s unexpected conversations. It’s spiritual. It’s constant. It’s nourishment. It’s acceptance. It’s sharing resources. It’s correction. It’s a little bit witchy. It’s listening. It’s gratitude. It’s envisioning that which does not exist. It’s necessary. It’s informed action. It’s discernment. It’s love. It’s home.


Carly Magnus

Inclusive Life DIscussion

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