Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations

Let’s take our good intentions and turn them into meaningful action.
Build the skills to have courageous conversations, even in the midst of conflict.

Nicole Lee facilitates her course Courageous Conversations grounded in experience and theory and with a thoughtfulness and integrity that sets her apart. By leading with carefully selected frameworks, nuanced analysis, and personal experiences from her own work and life as a parent, she invites brave reflection from all of us. I came away from the experience with more knowledge, more capacity to identify racism and tolerate the discomfort of confronting it in my own life, and with authentic relationships with my classmates. Her work is more than a course. It’s an invitation to build a new way of seeing, of being, and a community that will sustain you as you navigate courageous, confident conversations again and again.


Julie Neale

Nicole Lee Founder of Inclusive Life

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