Raising AntiRacist Kids:

The Power of Intentional Conversations About Race and Parenting

What’s Inside?

Raising antiracist kids is imperative in today’s society, but most of us are not well-equipped for the challenge. Nicole Lee’s new book leads readers to confront their own discomfort and misconceptions, so they can move into a new phase of action: building antiracist spaces with the important young people in their lives.

Pushing past the common reasons people give for not facing these issues, Lee provides age-appropriate guidance for talking to kids and offers practical advice on how to put our words into action.

Raising Antiracist Kids

About Nicole Lee

Nicole Lee is a nationally-recognized diversity, equity, and inclusion strategist and leadership coach. Her experience helping schools build inclusive culture gives her a unique perspective on the ways children and their caregivers engage in conversations about antiracism. Combining research and approachability, Nicole empowers others to dive deep in self-reflection while taking action to create institutional change.

Community takes you farther

Register for Nicole’s eight-week Raising Antiracist Kids course, and confront the challenges of raising antiracist kids alongside other like-minded parents, educators, and mentors.

Registration includes a free copy of the book, discussion opportunities, and extended chapter-by-chapter teachings. Deepen your understanding of the text as Nicole shares stories of her experiences and brings the latest research to our discussions.