1-on-1 Support Now Available!



Looking for support and clarity? Trying to determine aligned action in a particular situation? Whatever it is, especially if it has to do with your desire to live/work inclusively and equitably, we got you.



Day to day the Inclusive Life Team is supporting clients behind the scenes and within our current programming. It’s time to make our support and expertise more available to the Inclusive Life Community, no matter if you’re currently enrolled in a program or not.

You are welcome to get on our calendar for a free 1/2 hour consult prior to registering for a coaching package. We will make sure you are working with the right person for your needs.

We would be honored and excited to support you.

NICOLE LEE is the Founder of  Inclusive Life and Nicole Lee Consulting. She is a diversity, equity, and inclusion expert, intuitive leadership coach, nationally recognized speaker, and strategist who regularly consults with nonprofits, schools, businesses, and political and social movements to improve their climate for themselves and the people they serve. She has contributed to equity movements in the U.S. and abroad through human rights documentation, coaching, and holding space in difficult situations.

Nicole brings light to serious issues in a poised and powerful way that evokes people to profound change.

Some areas of expertise:

  • Intuitive Coaching
  • Intersectional Coaching Approach
  • DEI Practice for Institutions
  • Equity and Inclusion Frameworks
  • Difficult Conversations in Coaching
  • DEI and Internationalism

CHRISTINA HERNANDEZ is the Operations Manager for Nicole Lee Consulting and Inclusive Life. She is a first-generation American with lived experience in diversity, equity, and inclusion, and has nearly 15 years experience in managing teams, building community, and facilitating programs for national and international non-profits, cultural institutions, and schools.

Some areas of expertise:

  • Identity Coaching
    • first-generation American
    • bi-cultural/bi-lingual/multilingual in the US context
  • Skills Coaching:
    • Adapting (or not adapting) to the white workplace
    • Coaching in educational settings
    • Business marketing
    • Starting and owning a small business
    • Business timing
    • DEI Project management
    • Product planning
    • Teaching/facilitation

LAURA HALPIN is a teacher, facilitator, and coach whose focus is cultivating a climate in which people can change, grow and connect authentically. She serves as the Program Manager, Senior Facilitator, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coach at Inclusive Life, supporting clients who want to step into leadership as culture changers within their spheres of influence. She coaches people individually and in groups as they step into antiracism and equity work, supporting them as they cultivate the skills of analysis and aligned action. She specifically works with clients around emotional stamina and resilience, developed through embodiment and mindfulness practices.

Some areas of expertise:

  • Creating a climate of stability in the body/supporting body to increase capacity for presence
  • Incorporating somatic practices into life and work
  • White caucus groups
  • Diet culture/healthism as an arm of white supremacy culture
  • Unravelling whiteness in self/with clients
  • Coaching while white
  • Infusing inclusion and equity into small business
  • Small business development
  • Creating varied business offerings that work together and build community
  • Working with boundary issues to create more ease and space
  • Working with stuckness: Looking at big complex picture, and determining together the next best steps