If we want a more
equitable and just
society, we’re going to
have to build one.

Raising Antiracist Kids by Nicole Lee

Nicole Lee’s new book leads readers to confront their discomfort and misconceptions about antiracism, so they can build antiracist spaces with the important young people in their lives.

Pushing past the common reasons people give for not facing these issues, Lee provides age-appropriate guidance for talking to kids and offers practical advice on how to put our words into action.

A compass for transformation

Inclusive Life calls us to authenticity as we engage our own bias and privilege, awareness born of deep self-reflection, and deliberate action in all areas of our lives.

Taking integrated steps toward a
more equitable society


 Access workshops, training and resources to build your justice toolbox and enrich your inclusive life.


There is an entire community of folks committed to building a more equitable world. The only thing missing is you.


Rooting out and addressing injustice requires every member of the family. Get your whole crew involved.

Nicole Lee

An attorney and an intuitive coach, Nicole holds space for the sacred as she leads those around her in the path of aligned action. Her Inclusive Life community is an affirming but truth-driven space where real people grapple daily with the hard work of effecting social change.

Nicole Lee founder of Inclusive Life
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“Being part of Inclusive Life has really helped my spirit. This group is dedicated to community and change, and this buoys me up.”

—Jackie Levin, IL Community Member

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